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TANGGAL 30 SEPTEMBER,1949.............bersamaan hari ini tahun 2012...........Persatuan Oldboys Ibrahim School , Sungai Petani , mengadakan mesyuarat pertamanya selepas Perang Dunia Ke-2......semasa perintahan Jepun sekolah2 inggeris ditutup........Bangunan Utama Sekolah Ibrahim dijadikan Markas Tentera Jepun...............sayonara nippon..........uhaiyo kuzimas


Lasting impressions

Teacher Talk

Just as there are teachers who create an impact on their charges, there are students too who have touched their mentors in so many ways.
TWO YEARS ago when I was assigned to teach Art to a Form One class, I enjoyed some of the most hilarious moments of my career.
On my first day with them, I decided to break the ice by telling them a little about myself. My Plan was to illustrate my life story in the form of a Lat-styled cartoon on the board.
I started off by writing my name, BhulVindarKaur, in block letters on the board.
“Based on my name,” I asked, “who can tell me what race I am?”
A hand shot straight up at the back and flailed wildly for my attention.
He was a Malay boy. When I nodded at him, he stood up and proclaimed loudly, “Bollywood!”
The whole class laughed. After I had explained what Bollywood really meant, I asked them to try again.
This time, an Indian boy stood up and said confidently, “You are a Singh!”
Before I could even answer him, a scrawny, bespectacled Chinese boy who was a Harry Potter look-alike with his unruly, jet-black hair ridiculed him soundly by telling him, “She’s a teacher not a sing-er lah!”
To avoid further altercations, I told them about the Punjabi race.
I explained the gender differences in the usage of the suffix of Singh and Kaur.
I also drew the international symbol for men and women and we joked about what would happen if Harry Potter (this nick-name for him stuck in my mind!) mistakenly entered a toilet with a female symbol on it.
Of screams and giggles
“The girls would scream! Aaagghhh!” He happily parodied the scream for all to hear.
After getting some withering looks from the girls, he collapsed in giggles and sat down meekly.
As the days passed, the students and I became accustomed to each other. Harry Potter, in particular, grew particularly fond of me.
He would trail me in the classroom and on many an occasion, I would find him, right next to me, springing up like a Jack-in-the-box.
One habit he had was to hold on to my Punjabi suit, a trait I found quaint.
Some weeks after teaching him, I happened to meet his father.
After a few minutes of desultory conversation, the father gave me a BQL — a burning question look.
Prodded, he finally asked me, ‘Did you tell my son …?’
It turned out that my student Harry Potter had gone home and told his father that “if you touch a Punjabi woman, you must do so very gently.”
He also told his father that I was “hot”, “extremely funny” and told the class “a lot of sex jokes”. I laughed!
The explanation of course was very simple. Some of the students I taught liked to sprawl on the floor while doing their artwork. To avoid impropriety, I resorted to wearing Punjabi suits which came with flared pants.
Like I said, Harry Potter had the habit of not only holding on to my dress, but also tugging it to get my attention.
One day, I told him, “Be gentle when you tug my dress!”
“Why?” he asked.
I answered: “The material may tear, don’t break my heart okay,” I joked, “these suits aren’t cheap.”
Hot jokes
He laughed and told me gallantly that “my father can buy you a hundred more!”
As for being “hot”, it is true that I was suffering at the time from premenopausal heat flashes and I would often move towards the centre of the classroom so that I could get the full effect of the ceiling fan above me.
Harry Potter didn’t like this habit of mine.
He even told me, “Why do you always go there? I can’t see your face when you teach from there (the centre of the classroom)!”
I remembered telling him, “I’m feeling hot.”
“Hot! Hot! Hot!” he would scold me gently. “Always hot!”
The “sex joke” comment of course originated from the time I had told them about the male and female symbols.
The fact is I really liked these students. Knowing that they would soon lose their childish delight in things, I allowed them the harmless raucous fun they derived from my humorous comments about their art and life.
My students didn’t realise this, but at the time, I was going through a very difficult personal period — both my mother-in–law and my mother were deteriorating rapidly and would, in fact, pass away within months of each other.
My health too had taken a dive and I often suffered from chronic fatigue and emotional lassitude.
But, on the days I made it to school, I came to cherish the Art periods I had with my ‘kids’.
Teaching, I discovered, can be a healing experience. In giving to others, one can forget one’s own pain.
Speaking for myself, I found succor and comfort in the way these young students grew attached to me.
Due to my experience, I could teach them in a subtle, relaxed way, yet make sure they understood and translated concepts of tone, colour and mood into their art pieces.
I have always believed in the power of positive reinforcement. But, they were often surprised when I honestly picked out the strengths in their pieces.
Young artists
One boy, for instance, told me his artwork was “ugly” and wouldn’t show it to me at first.
When he finally did, I ignored the poor drawing but focused instead on how beautifully he had used an orange tint to signify a sun-rise.
Students like him improved tremendously under my tutelage and encouraging remarks.
During Picasso Week, these students really bowled me over with their creativity.
The beauty of the human mind and heart can unfold in many ways but none touched me more than these 13-year-olds who embraced me fully as their teacher.
They were very frank and open with me and I laughed often at their antics.
But, Harry Potter cried the day I told him that I had made the decision to retire.
Overcome with emotion, he passed me a note.
There was just one word on it. It was “Why????”
“You are not even old!” he chided me later. “My father says only old teachers retire!”
Under normal circumstances, I would have agreed with him but the year I taught him, I was actually barely holding up.
The decision to opt for early retirement was one of the most difficult choices I had to make in my life but I did it for the sake of my health.
He may not know this but I carry him in my heart everywhere I go.
(I was to discover later that Harry Potter’s mother passed away when he was just aged eight. One of his habits as a child was to hold on to his mother’s dress everywhere she went.)

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Demo Bantah Filem 'Innocence of Muslims'- TN GURU HJ SALLEH MUSA ,SIK ,KEDAH

JUMAAT 9 PAGI 21.9.2012
Tuan Guru bersama YB Cikgu Uda ahli parlimen Sik, YB Dato Yahya Abdullah ahli dewan undangan Negeri DUN Jeneri , Tn Syeikh Muslim Hj Salleh selaku pengerusi Madrasah Ar Rahmaniah , Tuan Iman Masjid Daerah Sik Ust Ahmad , Ust Azmi Tn Imam Masjid Chemara dan ramai pimpinan kawasan berkumpul di dataran Madrasah Ar Rahmanaiah atas satu matlamat cinta Rasulullah .
Tema yang kami bawa adalah " LABAIKA YA RASULULLAH" dan " JANGAN HINA NABI KAMI"
Ucap tama dari YB Parlimen Sik , Syeikh Muslim dan Tn Guru Hj Salleh Musa .
Majlis semalam turut membakar gambar penganjur dan pelakon filem Innocence of Muslims tanda protes .
Semalam Pemuda PAS Pusat menganjurkan demo di ibu negara , ramai pelajar Madrasah Ar Rahmaniah tidak dapat sertai perhimpunan di Ibu Negara disebabkan bertembung dengan kuliah umum hari jummat pondok baru dibuka dan kebetulan Tn Guru Hj Salleh mearahkan AJK Madrasah supaya menganjurkan demo bantahan ini pada minggu ini juga .

Tn Guru Hj Salleh Musa dalam ucapan semalam menyeru seluruh ummat bangkit menentang kemungkaran dan menentang penghinaan keatas Baginda Rasulullah SAW
Sausana demo di Madrasah Ar Rahmaniah pagi semalam bergema dengan laungan " HIDUP ISLAM , HANCUR KUFAR , TAKBIR ALLAHUAKBAR "
Tn Guru Hj Salleh Musa gembira dengan anjuran Pemuda PAS Pusat menganjurkan Demo di Kedutaan Amarika selepas solat jumaat dalam ucapan beliau , beliau memuji usha pemuda PAS Pusat dan beliau tidak setuju demo tersebut digabungkan dengan UMNO . Kata beliau biar PAS buat demo asing jangan campur dengan orang lain (UMNO) .

Tn Guru Hj Salleh Musa dalam ucapannya semalam menyatakan hukum wajib membela dan mempertahankan Islam dan Rasulullah SAW .
Tn Guru juga memuji Dr Morsi Presiden Mesir yang tegas dengan isu berkaitan Islam dan beliau berdoa agar Dr Morsi panjang umur dan telah diaminkan oleh ribuan murid beliau dimajlis demo semalam .

Tn  Guru Hj Salleh Musa berpesan lagi jika ada apa isu berkaitan ISLAM kita semua perlu peka dan ambil berat , kita perlu mendahului bangkit ,ini sifat orang beriman jangan jadi seperti sifat orang munafiq yang bermuka-muka dengan ISLAM .

Tn Guru Hj Salleh Musa berusia 84 tahun tetapi sangat semangat , setelah pimpin kuliah umum hari jumaat menyampaikan tarbiah kepada ribuan para pelajar yang ketagihian ilmu dan rindukan kuliah beliau setelah hampir sebulan lebih Tn Guru cuti raya semalam 21.9.2012 kuliah pertama setelah cuti , walaupun baru minggu ini dibuka kehadiran sangat memuaskan dengan kehadiran ribuan orang hadir , setelah menyampaikan kuliah Tn Guru dengan ucapan yang lantang memberi semangat kepada peserta demo semalam dan beliau sendiri yang membakar dan meludah gambar penganjur dan pelakon filem Innocence Of Muslims


Kerjasama SMK Ibrahim dan IOBA cukup erat : Memotong kek 55 tahun  merdeka


Sudah setahun bertugas di sini........cepat mesra dan very friendly.....didoakan dapat keselamatan dan kesenangan dalam memimpin SMK Ibrahim ke tahap yang lebih maju,insyaallah.

Srengenge dah istiharkan panggilan PAK DIN di Majlis Penutupan Bulan Merdeka tanggal 17 September dulu,sepertimana pengetua2 awalan di ISSP kita anggap sebagai bapak dengan memanggil mereka sebagai Pak Tuan Syed ( Mr.Syed Jan ) ,Pak Tin ( Mr.Augustine ) , Pak Chye ( Mr. Lim Chin Chye ) , Pak Kok ( Mr. Kok Swee Hong ) dan lain2 (jika ada)..................Pak Din senang hati dan akur dengan hasrat srengenge.

Terima kasih Pak Din kerana sudi menerima dan meneruskan salah satu tradisi ISSP ( Ibrahim School,Sungai Petani )


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Gambar kenangan Cakna Palestin dari Negeri Kelantan bersama Tn Guru Hj Salleh Musa pagi jumaat tadi jam 8 pagi

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                                         CERITA SERAM MENGHANTUI DEWAN

                                          Penonton terdiri dari pelajar2 SMK Ibrahim

                                                    Juru kamera IOBA menskodeng drama ini

Drama Satu Babak di SMK Ibrahim,Sungai Petani

KARU (dah gelabah) : Apa benda tu Pak Musa ? Jom kita terpa pi tengok
PAK MUSA : Aku pun tak tau......hai sabarlah sikit....hang ni bodyguard,janganla kalut

SRENGENGE : ish,ish rahsia Pak Din ......cikgu Anizat ,you jaga baik2 ......jangan bagi bocor.......takut jadi konfrantasi pula

PAK DIN : Binatang apa ni ? , dah tua nak mampuih.......depa semua tak kenai , depa masih muda.........mak pak depa pun belum ada

ANIZAT : Ish Pak Din ........seram bulu roma saya.......takut dia berhantu........simpan dalam muzium sajalah........tak berani nak bawa balik........hambuih2 la sikit Pak Din , biaq dia tak ganggu sapa2

PAK DIN : Tak pa Izat , serah kat aku ..........biaq dia tau ,aku pun bomoh sakan juga.................hang tutup mulut......kalu depa tanya,kata tak tau.......jom kita bawa lari benda ni

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Alhamdulillah...........Selepas 51 tahun keluar dari Ibrahim School,tapi pada 17 September,2012 , srengenge di jemput hadzir semula ke sekolah sebagai tetamu dan sekaligus memberi mandat oleh pihak sekolah ( kini Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ibrahim) dan IOBA ( Ibrahim Old Boys Association ) untuk berucap dan menutup Majlis Bulan Merdeka,2012...............terharu juga srengenge kerana banyak lagi tokoh2 murid tua yang berprofile tinggi yang layak dipilih

Di dewan inilah upacara tersebut dilangsungkan..........sejak 7.30 pagi para pelajar telah bersedia menunggu...srengenge terpaksa bergegas supaya tak terlewat...........journey dari Sik ke Sungai Petani jaraknya 70 kilometer..............alhamdulillah srengenge just on time

                                         Para pelajar dah siap menunggu dan menunggu

                                          Koir sekolah pun mula nak nyanyi lagu2 patriotik

                                          Srengenge di sambut dengan penuh mesra dari pihak sekolah dan IOBA

                                         Srengenge diberi briefing ringkas oleh Tuan Pengetua,Pak Din

                                         Koir sekolah dah pun mulakan lagu2 yang ditetapkan

                                          Pelajar2 dengan tenang menunggu nak kenal dengan Pak srengenge

                                         Srengenge diberi kesempatan bersembang2

                                        Semestinya ucapan berkaitan dengan kemerdekaan

                                          Srengenge serah benda misteri kepada Pak Din untuk muzium sekolah


                                         FINIS CORONAT OPUS