KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11, 2015:
Religious enforcers in Malaysia need to act decisively against those trying to undermine Islam to prevent confusion that could destroy the morals of the younger generation.
Independent Islamic preacher Datuk Daud Che Ngah told The Rakyat Post that the lack of seriousness by religious authorities in enforcing Islamic law in the country had been the cause of young children, especially those living in the city, to be easily trapped by the things that could jeopardise the purity of Islam.
“The failure to enforce Islamic law has resulted in Muslims being misled from their true teachings to a point where they are being shameless and enthralled by Western culture,” he said when contacted today.
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Commenting on the recent K-Pop concert which courted controversy yesterday, when a few of its band members were seen touching, hugging and kissing a few tudung-clad Malay girls on the stage, Daud also cited last year’s “I Want to Touch a Dog” event, which had put the Muslim community and Malays in a quandary.
Daud said the organiser, Syed Azmi Alhabshi, was not punished as he should have.
“Religious authorities like the mufti did not speak out loudly and failed to punish the offender in accordance with Islamic procedure. They have to think of it (seriously).”
He called on the religious authorities to immediately investigate the latest incident so that severe action could be taken, according to Islamic law.
“This is to ensure that the younger generation of Muslims will not be influenced and corrupted by the embarrassing ‘kafir’ (infidel) culture.”
Many netizens have expressed outrage after a three-minute 20-second video clip of the concert went viral.
The concert was believed to have featured the group, B1A4, which is a South Korean pop-idol group that debuted in 2011.
Even Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin wasted no time in expressing his views on the incident, tweeting that the women involved should get “real men”.
“Much has been said about K-Pop. Hopefully Malaysian girls will return to men who are tall, dark and handsome and not pale, skinny and pretty. Those are not real men.”