Monday, June 10, 2013


Cancer is one of the worst and most common diseases; it affects nearly 1 in 3 people at some stage in their life. It is well known that food is one of the most common causes for this terrible disease, so the better way to prevent it or fight it is by having a balanced diet and lifestyle.
The available options leave you feeling incredibly ill and disable you for months, or even years, this is the main reason why so many cancer patients are turning to alternative medicine to help cure them of the disease.
Nature is full of natural treatments for many illnesses, in this specific case (cancer) soursop has been found to be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy at attacking and killing cancer, but of course pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know this since they cannot patent natural chemicals.
These companies are trying to re-create the chemical structure in order to make synthetic acetogenin that can be patented and marketed to its full potential, one reason why they don’t support publically this plant’s miraculous effects against disease and illness.
Nature is the cure, we are aware that this plant is powerful, you don’t need a drug made from the plant, all you need is the delicious plant itself. Fight diseases hand in hand with nature.
For those who say there is not any “credible scientific research” on this fruit: Do you know how much a “credible scientific evidence” costs? Probably tens of millions of dollars, and who might pay for that? NIH? NSF? Pharmaceutical companies? Pharmaceuticals lobby against anything that damages their profit, and NIH and NSF don’t care about “natural alternatives”. The profits that each individual patient brings for pharmaceutical industry is more than a million dollars and they never want to lose that profit. So there might never be a “credible scientific research” for this fruit or any other natural remedies in near future!

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Al-Manar said...

Saya baru tiba and tertarik dengan cerita tentang soursop ini. Secara kebetulan saya baru petik sebiji buah ini dari pokok saya yang baru belajar berbuah. Tidak sangka khasiatnya sepertiyang sdr tulis. Dimana lagi penulisan tentang buah ini kalau saya ingin baca lebih lanjut? Kalau sdr tidak ingin beri jawab secara blog saya harap dapat sdr tulis keemail saya

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