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After reading from the press about Dr.Chua Soi Lek , I make my own verdict . He is " one in a million' . Hard to find a living human ready to confessed his mistake . Brave to face the public . Others would just shy away. To me he is an extraordinary man . Everybody makes mistakes and some very serious than Dr.Chua , but they hid behind the curtain by hook ,crook or shit . But Allah knows everything . Where to hide them ? Nobody can hide behind his finger .

Just go through the conversation copied from the Straits Times ( dated 4 January,2008 )

'Whoever makes mistakes, should be responsible'

Q: Why are you resigning, less than 24 hours after you said you would not?

A: After I made the admission, I had hoped Malaysians could accept my apology but, unfortunately, based on what I see on public feedback, they won't accept it. Some Malaysians have a holier-than-thou attitude.However, I hope my resignation is based on a moral issue and becomes a lesson to party leaders whether in MCA or other Barisan Nasional components. And I think whoever makes mistakes, or has weaknesses, that he as a leader should be responsible. I have stepped forward not just to the country and party leaders but also the public. It looks like it is unacceptable, so I think it is better for me and my family that I resign so I won't be a burden to the leadership.

Q: Do you think the distribution of the DVD is related to the upcoming party election?

A: As I said before, I would not like to speculate. Everywhere I go, I receive no less than 200 SMSes condemning certain party leaders of whom I will not go into because I don't want to see my party split the moment I leave.

Q: Where is this feedback from?

A: I think public opinion has not been in my favour. Leaders in a democratic country are elected by the rakyat, so they have to listen to the rakyat.

Q: Will you be active in politics again?

A: No, I already said I am resigning from my posts. If I want to do so, I will have to start all over again, as in 1978. I'll have to start from branch and division. I don't think I am young enough for that any more so I don't have to look to the back to see if anyone is following me, or if anyone is putting (a camera) in my hotel room. No more. I am now free, like you ladies and gentlemen.

Q: So what will you be doing now?

A: Well, I hope to be a reporter (laughter in the room). In view of my experience in politics, I think I'll be a good reporter. If there's any good offer, I'll take it.

Q: What did you think the response would be when you made your admission?

A: When I announced, I thought there would be a good response. But Astro and China Press respectively said 91 and 99 per cent of the people wanted me to resign. So it's better that I resign.

Q: Who do you think will be your successor as health minister?

A: That you have to ask the prime minister. I don't think I'm the right person to answer because at this moment, I'm just Datuk Seri Dr Chua. I'm not even a Yang Berhormat any more.

Q: How are your supporters taking it?

A: I must thank my Batu Pahat supporters. They are disciplined and dedicated MCA members. And MCA Johor is a strong organisation. Sometimes, strong organisations are targeted. If not, then it's not politics. And since I was made health minister, I have worked hard to fulfil the wishes of the public, MCA leadership and government. And because I focus all my efforts on work and the party, some people might think I am a threat. That is common in politics.

Q: Have you any feedback from the woman in the video?

A: I think that's not important. I should not be discussing my private life. If you are interested, then you should see the tape with me. Would you like to see the tape with me?

Q: You keep on talking about (Datuk Seri) Ong Ka Ting's healthy political culture. Is it being practised now?

A: Do you think that intruding into a person's private room in a hotel, filming it, keeping the recording for a few months and then distributing it, is healthy political culture?

Q: Will you go into business?

A: No, I don't like to do business. That's why I never said the tape came from business circles, or business enemies because I have never been involved in business and politics at the same time.

Q: What do you think you have achieved in your tenure?

A: I'd rather not talk about it myself. Let the public decide. If I say I did something but the public does not want to acknowledge it, they will say that I am simply blowing my own trumpet.

Q: Are you angry?

A: Do I look angry or happy? Let's be honest. Do I look angry or my usual self?

Q: Do you think this is a political assassination?

A: In my 20 years in government service, I have never done business. I have never awarded a contract to people favourably. And it is not because of ransom. No one has come up to me demanding money. If so, then it is easier to settle.

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KotaStar said...

Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharam

Satu penelitian re yr comment.
Ada 4 perkara yg menarik
1. 'holier than thou' satu phrase yg pernah kita dengar dan guna dahulu. termasuk dl karangan Shakespear.
2. Tape does not come from business circle.
3.Sepanjang 20 tahun dl govt service I have never done 'business'. Maksudnya banyak yg buat business among MP?
4. Ong Ka Ting's healthy political culture' tapi ada yg masuk kamar, bikin film ,simpan dahulu dan kemudian baru edar.Nampaknya dah lama kejadian itu tapi baru dihebohkan.
Baca berita kita boleh juga jadi 007.
Salam sejahtera.Berdoa selalu untuk kesihatan dan kebahagiaan kita.