Thursday, December 6, 2007


Almost a month I did not visit my own blog . All was because being too busy with the marriage of Ihsan and Sakinah . Both were married on the 18th of November,2007 at the Alam Shah Mosque at Jalan Pudu,Kuala Lumpur. I travelled a long way from Sik,Kedah with my wife and my two children Salwa and Ikhwan to attend the historic ceremony . Thank you to my besan Haji Khialdin and his wife Kak Teh for their friendliness and the hospitalities given .
Returned on the 20th November I started the preparations for the kenduri which I promised on the 26 th of the same month. Exactly one week left. Luckily I am surrounded by the kampong folks who did much help and the labour they rendered is very valueable , and I will never forget it . The gotong royong brought a very successful kenduri on that day . The jamuan was a collection of rural dishes ; gulai rias pisang , gado-gado,sambal belacan,ulam ala kampong comprising of ulam raja,pegaga,petai,sawi bukit,pucuk samak,pucuk2 hutan yang lain2 lagi, juga termasuk ikan talang kering yang di goreng bersama cili kering dan bawang . All the guests were satisfied with the food aspecially the gado-gado which Mak Wan herself made the kuah , was finished just by 2 o'clock. The gulai rias pisang was was extraordinary because I bought the rempah giling . This dish was a special permintaan from my besan Haji Khialdin . He wanted his rombongan to taste that rural curry;the curry of banana shoots plus beef .
Being to short a span of time I could manage to invite only a few friends , and that also by phone calls . Many could not be contacted , because some had change their numbers . I didn't prepare any cards . What a pity . Those who could be contacted all attended . Thank you to you all. Thank you Pak Non and his Mak Wan who made possibble to attend , but that gado-gado of pucuk ubi kayu,tokqua and toge had already finished . But that tapai pulut was a bit keras because pulut susu was not found in market.
Insyaallah , if well prepared the impossibble could be made posibble.
Thank you to all , without you all , I could do nothing.
Alhamdulillah....I convey many thanks to Allah for the good weather; no rains and not to hot.Without the help of Allah nothing is possibble.
May I wish the new couple a happy life dunia dan akhirat . Selamat berhoneymoon.
Regards from ayah dan emak .


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Salam Pak Cha

Congratulations kerana dapat menantu baru. Saya do'akan mereka menjadi keluarga yang soleh dan beroleh kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat.

Ghazali Lateh said...

Kenduri tak panggil pun. Lama tak makan gulai daging campur rias pisang. Anyway tahniah. Lawatilah blog saya di