Saturday, October 6, 2007


Remember our favourite TV series in the 80's ,'Mind Your Language'
Below is the episode .

Sid : Mr. Italy!
[Giovanni comes out with the ‘Mafia’ outfit]
Mr. Brown : Giovanni, are you representing Italy or the Mafia?
Giovanni : I’m representing Sicily.
Max’s was when he came for his first lesson with Mr. Brown.
Mr. Brown : Your name?
Max : Maximillian Andreas Archimedies Papandrious.
Mr. Brown : I think I’ll just out it down as Max.
[Mr. Brown writes that down]
Mr. Brown : Uh, I take it your Greek?
Max : He is right. From Affense.
Mr. Brown : And what is your job?
Max : Uh, I woke with sheeps.
Mr. Brown : You work with sheeps? A shepherd? You work on a farm?
Max : No, no. Not farm.
Mr. Brown : But you just said that you work with sheep.
Max : No, no, no, no. Sheeps. Big sheeps.
[Max makes the ship hoot]
Mr. Brown : Ahh, ships.
Max : Yes, sheeps. Tonkers.
Mr. Brown : Tonkers? Tankers!
Max : Right! I woke in office.
Mr. Brown : Thank you.
Juan’s part, was when Mr. Brown asks them to do an essay on what they did on the weekend.
Mr. Brown : How about you Juan? What did you do over the weekend?
Juan : Dilmendo.
Mr. Brown : Dilmendo?
[Juan makes an action of sleeping]
Mr. Brown : Ahh, sleeping. Aren’t you a Catholic?
Juan : Si, si. Roman Catholico.
Mr. Brown : Then why aren’t you at church?
Juan : The pope. He say, 6 days, you work. On the 7th day, you rest. I rest.
Ingrid’s, like Giovanni’s, was on the catwalk on ‘Queen for a Day’.
Sid : Ms. Sweden!
[Ingrid walks out]
Ingrid : [to Mr. Brown] Beautiful, yes?
Me. Brown : Beautiful very!
Ingrid : And the dress too?
Mr. Brown : Well, I was referring to that.
Zoltan’s act was a ‘Hungarian mogick’. It also include Ali and Ranjeet’s act in the concert as well.Ms. Courtney : Carry on, Mr. Brown.
Mr. Brown : And for our first act, Mr. Zoltan Szabo from Hungary!
Zoltan : Hugarian mogick one.
[He takes out a piece of Hungarian newspaper and shred it to pieces]
[He blows on the pieces he scrunched up in his palm and opens it, expecting to open a new piece of paper but only shredded newspaper were falling from his hands.]
Zoltan : Hungarian mogick 2
Ms. Courtney : That’s enough!
Zoltan : You don’t like Hungarian mogick?
Mr. Brown : Just sit down, Zoltan. Next we have Ali Nadim and Ranjeet Singh.
[While jiggling]
Ali :We all have a musical!
Ranjeet : I sing, I sing, I sing!
Ali : Why is a rhinoceros different from an elephant?
Ranjeet : Because none of them can ride a bicycle!
Ali : We have a musical!
Ranjeet : I sing, I sing, I sing!
Ms. Courtney : Stop!
Ali : Why? You no like us?
Ranjeet : A thousand apologies!
That was hilarious.
The best class-episode was once, when Mr. Brown asked them to make a sentence.
Mr Brown : Well, there are eight parts in a sentence. Can anyone tell me what it is?
[Lots of hands shoot up]
Mr. Brown : Ingrid?
Ingrid : Noun
Mr. Brown : Yes. Excellent. Danielle?
Danielle : Pro-noun.
Mr. Brown : Yes. Very good!
Danielle : Hey, why am I very good and she’s excellante?
Mr. Brown : Alright. You’re both excellent.
[and so on until Anna]
Anna : Conjunction
Mr. Brown : What is the eighth part? Come doesn’t anyone know? An interjection. Does anyone know what an interjection is?
Juan : Needle.
Mr. Brown : Pardon?
[Juan makes an imitation of a doctor doing an injection and points at it]
Juan : Interjection
Mr. Brown : No, Juan. Thats an injection.
Juan : Its soright.
Mr. Brown : Alright Ranjeet, give me a pro-noun.
Ranjeet : Indian.
Mr. Brown : Indian? Well, surely you could have thought of something else?
Ranjeet : Well, I cannot say Muslim.
Ali : Why you stupid brown chappati!
Mr. Brown : That’ll be enough, both of you! Now Ranjeet, you are here to learn English, not start a holy war.
Ranjeet : A waiter.
Mr. Brown : Yes, Ranjeet, a waiter. And Max, give me an adjective. Come on, something that describes this waiter.
Max : Khow do I know? I’ve never met this waiter.
Mr. Brown : No, Max. He is not an actual waiter!
Max : Oh, he is a part-time waiter.
Mr. Brown : No, Max. He is an imaginary waiter.
Max : Hokay. He is an hold waiter.
Mr. Brown : Good. An old waiter.
Max : With a mustache.
Mr. Brown : Just old will do , Max. Danielle. What was the waiter doing?
Danielle : The old waiter, was making love.
Mr. Brown : Come on, Danielle. Can’t you think of something better then making love?
Danielle : But I can’t zink nozing better zhen making love.
Mr. Brown : How about something more appropriate to a waiter?
Danielle : Vhwallah! He served.
Mr. Brown : The old waiter served. Taro, what did he do.
Taro : Aso.
Taro : The old waiter, served carefullio.
Mr. Brown : Very good, Taro. The old waiter carefully served…Giovanni!
Giovanni : The old waiter, carefully served, fish and chips.
Mr. Brown : Two more nouns and a conjunction.
Giovanni : Okie cocky. The old waiter, carefully served, two more nouns an d a conjunction.
Mr. Brown : No, Giovanni!

( I hope you enjoy it )

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