Saturday, October 6, 2007

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE.....nostalgicia 4


Ali thinks he has won the football pools. He says he has eight score draws. Jeremy looks at his ticket & sees his eight score draws are not on the same line, so he hasn't won anything.!Jeremy has the class role playing real life situations, e.g. going to the Doctor, or going to the post office to post a letter or opening a bank account.Miss Courtney interupts the class to tell Jeremy that he's needed at the police station. Jamilla's been arrested for shoplifting.!Jeremy and Ali arrive at the police station & Ali talks to Jamilla to find out what happened. It seems Jamilla misunderstood 'free trial' and took the goods & left the store.Jeremy insists that the Sergeant look at his drivers licence & a five pound note falls out as the officer looks at the licence.Jeremy assures the Sergeant he wasn't trying to bribe him & donates the 'fiver' to the police charity collection box.The Sergeant lets Jamilla go,realising the misunderstanding and Jamilla takes Jeremy & Ali back to her place where she shows them a cupboard full of 'free trial' goods.Jeremy has Ali go back to the school to collect the class to help return the goods to the supermarket. Whilst in the market Jeremy meets Miss Courtney & accidentally knocks over a tower of canned food.Jeremy, Miss Courtney, & the class are at the police station when the supermarket manager didn't believe they were putting the goods back. The sergeant wants to write a report & asks Ali "what is your name"? Ali replies that watt is not his name & the whole class agrees. A very frustrated Sergeant tells Jeremy to get these crackpots out of here & they return to the school.Next day, a man comes looking for Jamilla. Seems she ordered a bicycle a month ago on a free trial & they haven't recieved payment yet, Jamilla comes riding up the corridor on the bicycle & Jeremy has to explain all over again about 'Free Trial'.

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