Saturday, October 6, 2007

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE.....nostalgicia 11


Ali,Giovanni & Max are in the pub. Ali is playing the poker machine & is sure he'll win soon.! He runs out of 10p coins & asks Jeremy who has just walked in if he has any coins.While Ali's back is turned, Ranjeet comes in,places 10p in the 'pokie' & wins the jackpot.!Jeremy tells them they should be studying for the upcoming exam not wasting time in the pub.!Jeremy is walking to the bar when a lady customer thinks he works there & gives him her order. Jeremy says he doesn't work there, He's a teacher. The lady thinks Jeremy has two jobs.He buys the drinks for the lady, her husband & himself. He forgets which one is his & takes a sip out of one. When Jeremy asks the lady for the money for the drinks, her husband refuses to pay because he saw Jeremy take a sip of one of them.The man insults Jeremy, Jeremy insults him back & pours the drink on the mans head & leaves.Later, Jeremy is telling the class about the exam when Miss Courtney wants him to meet the examiner. Jeremy is shocked to see the examiner is the man he poured the drink over before class.!Jeremy is waiting across the street from the school for the students to finish. He buys them an end of term drink when the examiner walks in to meet his wife. after accidentally squirting the examiner with a soda siphon, Jeremy apologises & offers to buy him a drink. The examiner tells him he's buying & pours the drink all over Jeremy's head.

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