Saturday, October 6, 2007

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE.....nostalgicia 10


To prepare the class for an upcoming exam,Jeremy gives the class an oral exam. Danielle comes late,she says the woodwork teacher Mr Jarvis wouldn't let her go 'til she agreed to have dinner with him. Danielle had a bright idea, she told Mr Jarvis she was engaged to Jeremy.!Gladys (from the canteen) tells Miss Courtney about Danielle & Jeremy, Gladys later tells Jeremy that she thinks Miss Courtney fancies him.Jeremy tells Miss Courtney what Gladys told him & now Miss Courtney thinks Jeremy likes her.!Jeremy goes back to class & sees Mr Jarvis & Danielle in the corridor, Danielle tells Jarvis that Jeremy isn't frightened by him & Jarvis wants to meet Jeremy after class for a punch-up.!Back in class the lesson continues, when it's finished Mr Jarvis is waiting for Jeremy to fight until Miss Courtney intervenes.Jeremy tells Miss Courtney that Jarvis is forcing his attention on Danielle. So Miss Courtney arranges a boxing match after class next day.Giovanni & Max bet on Jeremy to win,but he's knocked to the canvas twice.! Giovanni & Max tie Jarvis' shoelaces together,he trips,knocks himself out & Jeremy catches him. Jeremy is declared the winner.!!Next day Jarvis is up to his old tricks,this time with Jamilla.Ali challenges him & names Jeremy as his substitute.!!

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