Saturday, October 6, 2007

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE.....nostalgicia 2


Danielle needs help with her homework, she asks Max to help her when Giovanni walks into the room with the answers to the homework which he will sell to them for only 10p each.!Ali arrives late from his new job as a travelling salesman and proceeds to sell his wares (ties,socks,scarves,gloves etc.)in the classroom. Jeremy tells him to sell his merchandise in his own time.Ranjeet arrives late also with an explanation, He's getting married to Surinder to whom he was betrothed when he was 12 years old. The only problem is Surinder has changed since then and Ranjeet would rather die than marry her.!Surinder arrives and wants to see Ranjeet, Ranjeet hides and asksJeremy to tell her that he's not there. At tea break time the students sneak Ranjeet into the cafeteria, soon Surinder goes there too and thinks she sees her betrothed hiding behind the curtain. Ranjeet has left his shoes and climbed out of the window.He climbs back in through Miss Courtney's window and bumps into Surinder in the Hall.Jeremy tells Surinder that Ranjeet doesn't want to Marry her,Ranjeet tells Surinder that Jeremy will marry her !Next day Surinder's father arrives at the school looking for Jeremy, who pretends he's a student and leaves the room with Surinder's father chasing him.!<

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