Saturday, October 6, 2007

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE.....nostalgicia 13


Jeremy is annoyed that everyone is coming late for class. Ali arrives later still & when questioned about his lateness shows Jeremy his new watch that he bought for two pounds fifty from the market.It seems someone has sold him a 'Dud.'!Fforbes Ffortescue arrives at the school & tells Miss Courtney that Queen Elizabeth will be making a visit to the school. Miss Courtney tells Jeremy & they decorate the school for the royal visit.Jeremy's students dress in their national costume & are paradedone by one in the canteen before the Queen's visit.Miss Courtney would like a class member to present a posy of flowers to Her Majesty when she visits & selects Jamilla to do the honours.Unfortunately for the school, the Queen's schedule is behind & to make up time they drop the visit to the school from the schedule. However nobody tells Miss Courtney & the others. When a Mrs Baxter arrives downstairs she bears a stunning resemblanceto the Queen. Mrs Baxter is looking for her Husband , Sid sees her & thinks she's the Queen. He directs her to the classroom where Miss Courtney introduces Jeremy & Jamilla offers her the posy which she takes reluctantly. Miss Courtney offers her a cup of tea & as they walk into her office Jeremy looks out the window to see the Royal party driving past the school.

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