Saturday, October 6, 2007

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE.....nostalgicia 8


Jeremy asks the class how they spent their weekend. Danielle says her new boyfriend was doing something naughty with her on the motorway and the police made him stop.! (he was speeding.!)Jeremy asks the others in turn & is interupted by Ali & Su Lee who announce they are getting married. The class congratulates them & Ali invites them all to the wedding.One week later,it's the day before the wedding. Gladys asks Miss Courtney if she's going, but she says no.Giovanni & Max invite the boys & the Groom to the Pub after class, Gladys tells Jeremy Miss Courtney wants to see him in her office. When Jeremy goes to see her she introduces him to Ali's wife.!Jeremy has a talk to Ali in Miss Courtney's ofice. He tells him he cannot have two wives. Ali says his religion says he can. Jeremy tells him English law forbids it.Ali tells him he & his wife have tried to have a baby for 4 years, and his religion states that if it's o.k. with the first wife,he can find a second wife.Jeremy tells Ali, he must tell Su Lee he can't marry her.Ali starts to tell her, but chickens out & Jeremy has to tell her Ali can't marry her. Su Lee says she doesn't want to marry Ali, she just felt sorry for him.! Ali meets his wife Rehana in the corridor outside & Jeremy tells the class the wedding is off.Ali & Rehana enter & give the good news,he's going to be a dad.!The class leave early to celebrate & Jeremy & Miss Courtney are left standing in the now empty classroom.

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