Saturday, October 6, 2007

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE.....nostalgicia 6


It's Jeremy's Birthday & the class greets him singing Happy Birthday to you. Then they give him their gifts one at a time.Danielle gives the gift only she could give, Max & the other boys each give Jeremy an identical pen. Then it's on with the lesson, Today it's Vowel sounds.Miss Courtney says she wants to see Jeremy in her office, She tells him that she has found a female teacher to replace him. She reminds him that he was on a months trial & could have been replaced at any time. Jeremy is very annoyed & leaves straight away. He breaks the news to the class & goes home.Miss Courtney takes over until Miss Hardacre can come in to finish the lesson. The class decides to adopt a policy of non co-operation. When Miss Hardacre arrives and attempts to call the roll, no one answers. Miss Courtney has a meeting with Miss Hardacre & realises that she may have made a big mistake. Miss Hardacre has a few things to say about how Miss Courtney is running the school.The class invite Jeremy to come see them the next evening & ask him to come back. Jeremy wants Miss Courtney to to ask him or he won't return. He meets Miss Courtney in the corridor & she tells him she's made a grave error & would he come back & take the class. Jeremy says yes, & she tells him he's on trial for a month.The class are happy to see Jeremy again & Max & the boys have exchanged the 4 identical pens, for 4 identical wallets.!!

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