Saturday, October 6, 2007

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE.....nostalgicia 16


Juan is having stomach pains before class & his classmates tell him he should see a Doctor. While answering a question he doubles over in pain & Jeremy sends for Mrs Foster the school nurse.Mrs Foster suspects it is his appendix and they rush him to Hospital.Later Juan comes back and he is allright, when they ask him what happened to Jeremy he tells them Jeremy fell and is in the Hospital with a broken leg.Miss Courtney takes over the class & during a tea break Juan rings the hospital to see how Jeremy is doing. The Nurse confuses John Brown with Jeremy Brown & tells Juan that Mr Brown passed away not long ago.Next morning Sid & Miss Courtney are wearing black arm bands and are standing in the hall when Jeremy comes up in the elevator in a wheelchair. They are startled when they see him & say we thought you were dead.The class are attending Mr Brown's funeral when Sid and Jeremy (still in a wheelchair)arrive. The students are happy to see him & Sid lets go of the chair & it rolls down the hill. Jeremy & the chair fall into the open grave.!!Later Jeremy is back in the Hospital with two broken legs & a broken arm. The students arrive & bring the wreaths instead of wasting them.

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