Friday, October 17, 2008

RENUNGLAH BUAT's not what will be,will be

PARLIAMENTARY ANTICS: MPs' lack of manners shocking By : KRISHNA KUMAR SANTHANAM, Batu Caves .Taken from the Straits Times edition.

WATCHING the prime news at 8pm has been a family affair for the past few years, and on the evening of Oct 14, my children and I watched the parliamentary "debate" being held at Dewan Rakyat.

It was astonishing to see some members of parliament debating in complete contradiction to what is being taught in classrooms.Whatever happened to the professionalism that should be the core value of our MPs?

My 16-year-old son commented that even in his school, such scenes would not take place due to the professional manner in which the principal handles the daily course of secondary school.Didn't these MPs study Civics and Moral Studies?

If students can behave themselves, why can't the MPs? The people expect the MPs to be an example to the younger generation.I don't expect to see these MPs in office after the next election.

Young voters have learnt a good lesson. This is what happens when every Tom, Dick and Harry stands for election and gets elected all because of the desired "wave of change"

.I believe an institution of integrity and anger management should be established to vet would-be parliamentarians and ensure that they go through a module on the topic to qualify to be an MP.

The speaker and his deputy should not condone such unethical behaviour in the House. Or else we would be no better than the MPs in some other countries, where fist-fights and chair-throwing are the norm in Parliament.


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