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NEWS IN BRIEF : ---------------

First Opened : August 1919
Headmaster : Syed Jan Al-Jeefree
Asst.Headmaster : Mohammad bin Man

Site : Near Ar-Rahmaniah Mosque , opposite the road , the present compound of SK Khir Johari. The building had 3 classrooms .

1921 : Kung Cheng Hoe ,Leong Lan Oye joined the school staff.

On the first day of the school only 5 pupils enrolled. In 3 months increased to 60 , with 4 classes ; primary 1 .primary 2 , standard 1 and standard 2 .

1922 : consisted 7 classes , with highest standard 6 .

1924 : Junior cambridge was instituted.

1925 : Senior cambridge instituted. Enrolment totalling 150 with 6 teachers . So shophouses were rented at Jalan Pengkalan and Jalan Petri to accomodate the increasing number of students .

1928 : The social welfare buildings were accepted by the school as the social welfare had a new building.The school was then called The Government English School.

Later it was named Abdul Hamid School. Later Cheng seang Tiek,M.s.Balram ,C.M.Ramli ,A. Wahab Skymmar , Tan Khoon Teik , Hassan , A. Ghani joined the school staff.

1935 : Mohd.Noor Mohammad ,GM Khan , Chang Fong , Sutan Ibrahim Shah joined the school staff .Classes were from primary one to standard 9 . The caretaker was Mohd. Sawai.

The present double storey building was declared opened in 1936 by the late YTM Tengku Mahmud and renamed the school as Ibrahim School in honour of the late Regent of Kedah YTM Tengku Ibrahim.

During the Japanese occupation the school was closed.It became a Japanese Camp. It was re-opened after the war in November,1945.The Headmaster was still Syed Jan .He retired in Feb.1946 , and J.F.Augustin succeeded him untul his retirement in June,1953. After that Lim Chien Chye took over the headmastership .


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