Saturday, May 24, 2008


1946's NEWS..............THIS IS HISTORY


Planted twenty-eight years ago by the late Mr.E.A.G.Stuart,whose name is not likely to be forgotten in Kedah for many years to come, the Ibrahim School grew from a frail seedling into a sturdy sapling which successfully weathered the Japanese Blast. It bent but did not destroy us . And now , having survived the blight , we are gradually beginning to regain resilliency of brain and brawn , in the classroom as well as on the playing field . In this revival we trust this coming years will play its part by recording all that goes on in the school and encouraging the study of the English Language than which there is none richer in the world.

Like a new boy at school we therefore make our bow , and as we fall into line with our contemporaries we venture to express the hope that they will receive us with smiles of tolerance and feelings of goodwill ; for never has there been greater need for the exercise of this two cardinal virtues than at the present time when the world in general , and Malaya in particular , stands on the threshold of a new era the happiness of which will depend upon the will and vision to see and understand 'the other fellows' point of view . Our well-being is interwoven with that of our neighbours , and with goodwill , kindly thought and feeling ,we must all march forward together in loyalty to common ideals of freedom , law , and peaceful propress .

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