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Wednesday, 07 May 2008
You must come out of Sungei Buloh Detention!
Daulat YM RPK,
We acknowledge your principles. If not for the principles you would not be what the people are looking for in a leader. You have everything that is needed to be a leader. You are one of the "Greatest Spiritual Leaders", I have personally mixed with. You follow the Holy Koran. You don't pretend to be holy. You are not a show-off. You are never greedy nor ever desired to accumulate wealth. You hate a person who steals and tells lies. You do not mix with people who are corrupt and lustful. You are a prince but your friends are mostly the middle class man on the road. These are perhaps some of the least of the traits I am stating here, and these are more than enough for great people to admire you. The people who admire you are even from the upper echelon. More than 60% of us Bangsa Malaysians are your friends. Even MPs and State Assemblymen came to say a few words to you at the Jalan Duta Court despite their call for duty at the Parliament and State Assemblies. I heard a policeman talking outside on the road to his friend that most of them are not happy of what is happening but they are just carrying on with their duties.
We all know that your writings, touch the feelings of us the common folks. People from the Kampongs, New villages and Estates traveled many miles to hear your Ceramahs. The Malays with a cry of Reformasi, The Chinese and again The Indians with the cry of Makkal Sakti, are with a hope that someday you will lead this Nation as its Prime Minister.
Umno, who themselves are divided in camps have today lost face due to their arrogance, pride, corruption, and unfair rulings. Even the Non-Malays who were their greatest supporters voted against them in the 8 March polls. They know that you are the cause because you highlighted all these Umno crunchies in Malaysia-Today. We the Bangsa Malaysia are aware and are supportive of your fair approach. The Royalties too are aware of your cries and pleadings in support of not only the marginalised but of the depressed from the Peninsula Heartland. Their silence should not surprise us for I believe that silence is consent.
You are our leader and you are not greedy for power. We know that you were offered seats to contest but declined. You know that if you had contested you would have won hands down. We understand that you had to answer your inner calls. Today we know, this was that call. Many of my Indian friends are calling you as the Malaysian Mahatma Gandhi in the making. They are not wrong. They are not wrong because you are still fighting for the Independence of Malaysia, though not from the British but from the UMNO/BN of Malaysia. You are fighting for the independence of the Judiciary; you are fighting for the independence of PDRM; you are fighting for the independence of the ACA; you are fighting for the independence of the Attorney General's Chambers; you are fighting for the independence of the Election Commission; you are fighting for the independence of the Main Stream Media (MSM); you are fighting for the independence of the Malays from the strangle-hold of UMNO; you are fighting for the Muslims also from the strangle-hold of UMNO, yet you are fighting for the rights of the marginalised Indians, the Malays who are depressed and deprived and for the rights of the Chinese.
Your leadership is needed. Come out from the detention. Please!
It is my call that you be declared as our:

By Mijoan

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