Thursday, November 19, 2009

COUNTDOWN THE DAY OF ARAFAH...........7 days to go

These are tips for hajjis and hajjah.
This is second floor for sa'ei between Saffa and Marwah.

This is Mina.Apart of it.It is also known as a 3 day city.

Here comes Arafah.It is here we do wukuf.The beginning of the pilgrimage.Without Arafah the hajj is not valid.

The Haj is a six-day event that begins on Dul Hijjah 8 and ends on Dul Hijjah 13. Once a Muslim man or woman meets the conditions for Haj, he or she should not delay performing it. An outline of the Haj is as follows:

• On Dul Hijjah 8 (Yaum-at-Tarwiya), pilgrims will make niyah (the intention of performing Haj). And, while dressed in ihram, and proceed to Mina, which is about 5 km away from Makkah. They will stay the night there and pray Dhuhr, Asr, Maghreb, Isha and Fajr. All of the four rakaas of prayer will be shortened into two but not combined.

• At sunrise on Dul Hijjah 9 (Yaum Arafat), pilgrims will go to Arafat (about 9 km away from Makkah) where they will stay until sunset. Pilgrims will pray Dhuhr and Asr together, and will spend the day reciting Qur’an and in supplication.

• At sunset, pilgrims will go to Muzdalifah where they will pray Maghreb and Isha together. They will remain there until Fajr prayer and collect small stones to throw at the Jamrat.

• After Fajr the next day on Dul Hijjah 10 (Yaum-ul-Haj-il-Akbar), pilgrims will return to Mina (where they spend the night of the eighth of Dul Hijjah).

• Once in Mina, the pilgrims will throw seven pebbles at the main Jamrat.

• On the same day those who are performing the Haj of Tamattu or Qiran will slaughter their sacrificial animals, shave off or trim their hair and change into plain clothes (those performing the Haj of Ifrad will not do so). On completing these rituals, pilgrims are allowed to do everything they were not allowed to while in ihram except marital relations.

• After that, pilgrims will go to Makkah to do Tawaf Al-Ifadha. After that all prohibitions will be lifted from them, including marital relations.

• After doing this, the pilgrims will return again to Mina to spend the nights of the 11th and 12th of Dul Hijjah, with the option of spending the night of the 13th (Ayaam-at-Tashreeq) if they are not in a hurry. If they stay the 13th night, they will have to throw stones at the Jamrat. Pilgrims have to leave Mina for Makkah before sunset on the 12th, otherwise they will have to spend the night in Mina.

• When they come back again to Makkah from Mina, after staying for two or three days there, the pilgrims will do Tawaf Al-Wadaa (farewell circumambulation) before departing. The Haj is now complete. May Allah accept it.

• Pilgrims can visit Madinah (450 km from Makkah) either before or after Haj and pay homage to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This is not part of the Haj, but pilgrims are keen to do this out of respect for the Prophet (pbuh). While in Madinah, pilgrims pray two rakaas of Tahiyyat Al-Masjid or perform any obligatory prayer that is due when in the Holy Mosque. They can then go to the Prophet’s grave to offer their salams to him and to his two companions, the Caliph Abu Bakr and the Caliph Omar.
May all get the hajji mabrur.


olive oyl said...

salam ayahanda...

ayahanda...lagi seminggu...ari khamis next week kita puasa ok

anak sik said...
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anak sik said...

Salam cikgu...rindu yg teramat sgt pd Baitullah d Tanah Suci,lebih2 tatkala musim haji..rupanya dah setahun masa berlalu sejak kunjungan saya ke sana musim haji yg lalu...cikgu puaihla posa dan berhariraya di sana baru ni,kan...

anak sik said...
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salam O2,

yes,berpuasa dan doalah bila masok waktu wukuf,iaitu selepas waktu asar di Malaysia.Mustajab.



anaknda Mahani ( anak sik),

Tak puas lagi.Nak gi lagi.Di sanalah saja tempat mencari kepuasan beribadat.Tanah Suci,memberi barakah dan rahmat.Pohon Allah jemput lagi,kalau boleh setiap tahun.