Monday, September 3, 2007

KITA KENA TAU.....human must know

Humanity needs to know that:
* We are biological (not technological or medical) creatures; natural is the way.
* Our biological/physiological dietetic constitution is frugivore.
* Alive raw fruits, succulent plants, seeds and nuts are the foods which constitute our natural, most delicious and most healthful diet; "live foods for live people" is the watchword.
* Cooking food is an act of destruction, creating toxins; cooked meat and grains are carcinogenic.
* Every nutrient we need is available in fruit and plant foods; there is no need to kill and eat dead animals.
* A meal of an apple is immeasurably nutritionally superior to any cooked food meal. Simple eating is not boring--it is deliciously liberating and reverses aging!
* Our bodies know how to self heal disease--we merely have to step out of the way, live on simple raw juices, and/or fruits and vegetables, or on water, get rest and sleep and the body will detoxify and heal.
* Germs do not cause illness--they are all beneficial, working symbiotically with the body to help digest plant foods, synthesize some vitamins and clean up wastes.
* We cannot become healthy if we attempt to drug and continue to pollute our bodies with medicines and dead deranged "foods."
* Every drug or medicine is poison and has no healing power.
* There are no quick fixes or short cuts to health--only the body itself can regenerate a healthier body, and it needs a clean diet and supportive conditions to do that.
* Relying on outside modalities for healing disempowers us; relying on Providence for self healing is the way to actualize perfect health and maximum longevity.
* There are no mysteries behind why we get sick--the information describing the cause of and way to overcome every illness, and the proper professional help, is here and available to everyone.
* Disease is not inevitable or out of our control--we only become diseased if we poison and enervate our bodies and minds.
* No one need fear "getting sick". "Getting sick" is nature's way of detoxifying and telling us that we need to correct our thinking and live more healthfully.
* Perfect health and joyous living are our birthright, and we can all move toward their realization every day, on the glorious healthful living path.
I thank you for reading this and for anything you can do to spread the message of healthful living. There is a universal spiritual law which says that to receive we must give. It follows that for every ounce of good will we put out toward our fellow Earth citizens, we will receive more enrichment in return. This is so true! It feels so good to give--to oneself by creating a healthier body, and to humanity by sharing this information. This raises our and Mother Earth's level of health and deepens our spiritual connection, becoming a joyous daily ritual or celebration. The fruits of this healing work are simply the fruits of life. I'd love to share with you and wish you beautiful health and endless abundance!

(taken from 'Living Nutrition Magazine'

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