Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Below is Pak Non's first Email to me ( that made us good friends)

Saudara Mat Isa,

Let me introduce myself.My name Zainal Abidin Mohamed. Address Alor Star Kedah.Like other friends or Kirkbyite we saw yr mail and the mails of the members who gave support to yr request. It is not often that students comeout openly to appreciate their teachers as you have done.

I am an ex teacher having been in the field from 1959 till 1983 as a teacher, headmaster and examination secretary etc. From 1983 till 1993 I was at UUM as registrar. I know and befriended those teachers you mentioned. They were either colleagues or friends at other institutions in Kedah or outside. David Raman, J. Singh,Syed Abu Bakar, HashimYunus, Abu Hassan Ali,John Augustine all taught in Kedah . David was at Batu Pekaka when I was HM at SMBaling. J.Singh was at SAHC, Syed Abu Bakar was at SMSAHalim, Hashim Yunus was at SKBaling and later at Family Planning.I believe J.Singh, Hashim have died. Che Gu Baharuddin has passed his 75th birthday and still in KL. Pak Abu must be in KL His sons are the famous composers. One appeared in the Academy Fantasia recently. Mat Noor has retired after being in the sporting arena and at STTC John Augustine I think have retired from UM..

Actually most of us have reached the 70+ years after being in the education sector for sometimes.Many got into universities after 1960 or earlier and upon graduation moved into other sectors as well. Thus is the case with Pak Rahim Yusof, Md Noor, HashimYunus. Many got into the law profession, Some even became judges. Others became lecturers and that's where I guess you met many of them.

Are you still teaching at Sik? I will be too happy to help you should you require farther info re Kirkby.Salam sejahtera to you Sdr Mat Isa. I don't know if we have met but yr name is quite familiar to me.

Zainal ( PakNon)

dated 16th July,2007

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