Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MY LETTER TO KIRKBYITES.....alumni Malayan Teachers College,Kirkby,Liverpool,England.

To: MTTC_kirkby@yahoogroups.com ( To all Kirkbyites)

10th July,2007
Dear Sirs / Madams ,
In my previous post I wrote about how Syed Abu Bakar opened Sik English School and Sik Continuation Secondary School ( now Sekolah Menengah Keb.Sik ) from nothing .Did jobs from the headmaster down to the sweeper-cum- canteen man , distributing clean drinking water free-of-charge. ......far better than Harry Poiter in the film To Sir With Love ( according to my judgement .......if I am wrong please correct , cause I am still a student of you kirkbyites).
I would have not become teacher if I didn't come in contect with Pak Tuan ( the title I always call him ) . So from now on I will address as Pak Tuan and not Syed Abu Bakar . It was he who motivated me . All the teachers under him were all became very commited to the job . Many did not ask for tranfer . They felt safe and enjoyable working with Pak Tuan . Pak Tuan believed in friendship and harmony . Very often Pak Tuan will utter " I am your headmaster , but after school I am no more , make me your friend ".
As I said , if not because of Pak Tuan , I wouldn't be a teacher .I was interested joining the army .Those days jobs were easy .I got called up for interview as a cadet-officer in the Military College with a second-class railway warrant ticket given free. At the same time my mother also disagreed me joining the army . She knew the difficulties she underwent during the Japanese occupation and the cruelty of the communists then . I went to see Pak Tuan . He made a simple and fast conclusion . OBEY YOUR MOTHER . Only after that I knew that Pak Tuan also obeyed his mother by marrying a wife chosed by his mother .Pak Tuan had already a sweetheart in Kirkby.If you read 'Reunited After 50 Years' in the www.kirbyites. net ,you will see the truth .I think I will write in the next episode how I got trained as a teacher by a kirkbyite Pak Tuan .
After senior cambridge Pak Tuan employed me as a temporary teacher in his school : Sik English School.The people of Sik called , SYED ENGLISH SCHOOL . Actually the word SIK originated from Syeikh . Long time ago an arabic islamic religious missionary came to this area and settled for sometime . He made his stay at present situated the banglow of Tan Sri A. Hamid bin Othman.
Hope to meet you again...thank you for reading....I just write this article at random.
My regards.__._,_.___

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