Sunday, August 26, 2007


25th August,2007

Met many old-friends namely : Ahmad Nooraini and wife with their fourth son , Ahmad Saad ( formerly we called him Saad Lipat.....sepak-raga forward) but not a glimpse of his wife, Salim Dahari & wife , Ustaz Mohd. zain,Razdhi Mahmud . All looking healthy, alhamdulillah. Ahmad Nooraini is very popular for his SAAB car , drived all the way from Kuala Kangsar .Almost all are favourites of continental cars . Salim is a volkswagen fan, so is Sahak. Ustad Md Zain is Opel Kadett of course. Dad is pegouet ( sorry forgot the correct spelling ). Majid always go for Norton and Ford . Azmi is known for his volvo . Majid regreted selling his old norton , so is Azmi Kassim selling his Ford 'the batman'. It was a Ford Capri with green and white stripes . The same car used by Pat Boone ( April Love). I still have my original , mestilah volkswagen . It is not a car, but it is a volkswagen ( German name ) . According to Azizi : a folks wagon / people's car .

Besides there were local friends from Sik : Sahak vespa , Majid Norton, Dad ( Haidir) Ah Fong ( he has a chinese outlook) and their wives . I was alone because my wife went to Kelantan , to visit our son there.

Azmi kassim was unable to attend because there was a funeral .

What a nice gathering.

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