Friday, August 3, 2007

QUIT SMOKING....copied & pasted from friend's blog ( PART 11 )

How To Quit Smoking Today ( From Mohamed Al Reedy Blog )
Before going on to how to quit smoking it is better to put it this way – why should I quit smoking? To answer these two let us first see what smoking is all about. The habit of smoking is as old as Man. Ancient Scythians howling with pleasure threw hemp seeds on hot stones before inhaling the smoke. The Mayans were passionate about smoking and so were their gods. Smoking has often been a religious ritual and more often then not believed to possess medicinal values. Mainly it has been for pleasure either for the individual or for the group. In modern times we cannot think of either Freud or Castro without their cigars. In the late 19th century it came to be associated with the coming of adulthood and also the emancipation of women. The film industry made it into an icon. The infection spread to all corners of the globe. Now it is being tackled on a war footing and the big question is – I want to quit but how to quit smoking?Once you have made up your mind to quit smoking the next step is the action plan to quit smoking. The first step is the determination of the individual. Nothing can be more important than that. The person concerned must be thoroughly convinced that he or she wants to quit smoking. It is difficult to quit because the nicotine is an addictive drug of the very worst kind – may be as bad as heroin and cocaine.What is my action plan to quit smoking? How will I quit smoking? It cannot be done overnight. It needs persistence. Sometimes you will lose the war. Keep a chart and slowly you will see that it is you who are gaining points and not your enemy – the cigarette. Each failure is a blessing because you learn something new about this warfare. The first thing in the morning and the last thing at night keeping repeating the mantra – “I can quit smoking!” Autosuggestion can set off very powerful vibrations.You should remind yourself constantly “I am keen to know how to quite smoking and what will be my action plan to quit smoking? By giving up this smoking habit I will increase not only the quantity but also the quality of my life”. There will be lesser chances of heart attacks or stroke and even of cancer knocking at your door. A pregnant mother should never smoke. The greatest tip of all is that you will have plenty of money left over to spend on better things of life. Your loved ones around you will lead healthier smoke-free lives.Action plan for quitting smoking will involve drinking plenty of water, diverting attention when the urge comes, and taking the help of medication because withdrawal symptoms can be very nasty. A change of scene will work wonders. Throw all old memories of your past love – the cigarette. Do not go near other smokers. Go for counselling. There are some medicines over the counter, which are of great help like the patches, spray, inhaler and gums. Above all do not fall into the arms of another lover in your state of depression – alcohol

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