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History recorded that in the 19th century , Britain interfered the affairs of China . Those days Britain was as USA today . China did not like opium trade and forced Britain to give up the trade thus resulted the first Opium War in 1836 – 1842 . The second Opium War started again in 1858 – 1860 .

Britain gained from both ‘Drug Wars’. Then many Chinese people became opium addicts . The smell of opium spread to many parts of the region . Malaya was also targeted , thus quite a few malays were influenced , besides the Chinese who migrated .

There were no other illicite drugs 70 years ago or so . Smoking opium was not illegal . At this period only a few people used ‘reefer’ ( a drug ) . Also a few used morphine . All were used for medical reason….to kill pain .

A few were hooked on barbituvates , just for the sake of helping to sleep . Not known if anyone was addicted to cocaine . Those drugs were not heard of in Malaya . In Europe and America from late 1800 to early 1900 cocaine was an ingredient in numerous medical tonics ( including of course Coca-Cola from 1886-1905 ) . In Malaya nothing is known yet .

Cocaine for smoking was not invented yet . No one had touched heroine . Tranquilizer had not known too.

70 years ago the main popular drugs were alcohol , tobacco and caffien . Only a small percent of the population used them . But whoever used them , were mainly adults .

In Europe and America , marijuana was started among the young generation in the 1950’s .They called themselves ‘Beatniks’. In the 60’s there was an increase in the use of illicit drugs . This was the era of the ‘hippies’. By late 60’s the increase was extraordinary . The ‘hippies’ quest for peace and love . Known also as ‘flower power’ . By the 70’s the use of drugs had become common . In Malaysia ‘ganja’ was the number 1 . In the 80’s all kinds of illicit drugs are known to the public ; namely marijuana , cocaine , hallucinogens , inhalants , analgesics , amphetamines and other stimulants and tranquilizers , included is of course heroine and other sedatives .

Clearly our society and the world has changed tremendously in many ways . Lately the school problems are :-

. talking in class
. chewing gum
. making noise
. running in class
. dress code
. and littering .

But now the school problems are :-

. drug abuse
. pregnancy
. robbery
. challenge teachers
. and killing friends had been recorded in our school history .

At present many progress are offered to break down this drug addiction . The results are still in the limelight .
We understand that drug addicts are not necessarily bad people , but rather victims of their illness . They may victims of gambling , excessive debt , not cared for and bad homeground . These people are easily influenced by the ‘pushers’ .

Thus to be blamed are people around them , especially these ‘pushers’ , who make easy money in a short span of time .

May I conclude that MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVILS . People tend to go for money .

P. Ramlee had sung :--------Ada duit abang di sayang , Tak ada duit abang melayang .
Bujang lapok daaaahhhhhhh.

( this was a discussion with my son Muhammad Ihsan )

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