Thursday, April 1, 2010



Who are fools ?Aku terima satu emel berkenaan dengannya.Hari ni hari fools come running in.Harap boleh syer untuk dipahami bila perayaan fools in timbul dalam masyarakat barat.


Truth is we really don't know where the tradition of playing pranks on people came from.

There are a few theories floating around though.

· When the western world used the Julian calendar, the year began on March 25th because they celebrated the start of a new year with the start of spring. However since that fell in the Holy Week, the celebrated it on the first of April. However when we switched to the Gregorian calendar in the 1500s, we moved the New Year to the first of January. According to the most widely told story, those who still celebrated the New Year on April 1st were called April fools.

· The Encyclopedia of Religion and the Encyclopedia Britannica thinks that the timing of April Fool's Day is directly related to the arrival of Spring, when nature 'fools' humans with erratic weather.

· The Country Diary of Garden Lore has a theory that April Fools Day commemorates "the fruitless mission of the rook (the European crow) who was sent out in search of land from Noah's flood-surrounded ark."

So, on April 1st are you going to be the tricked or the trickster?


Rozali said...

Assalamualaikum Ayahanda

orang kita tidak menyambutnya lagi
lawaupun segelintir yg degil


sonata anak kancil said...

salam ayahanda: tak ade maknanya lagi nak ber april fool ni...tak semestinya hari ni aje fool...hari lain ade jugak!

manzlie said...

salam from Makkah..

hari tak 'fool'..tpi kekadang kita nih yang buat 'fool'..


ijoismart said...

Salam ayahanda

In mid 80's my colleague did to me. To tell the truth I knew nothing about this. They were laughing coz I didn't notice anything.

Ayah Zain said...

Salam ayahanda,

april fool sekarang hanya tinggal dalam lipatan sejarah aje. kenapa fool? sebab orang memperbodohkan kita lepas tu dia kata gurau. kan ke mangkok hayun namanya tuh. heheheh

S said...


orang yg meraikan fool memang fool.

Atikah said...

Salam Ayah,

Alhamdulillah, saya tak terlibat... hehehe