Thursday, December 7, 2017


A HARD DAYS’ WORK ( Siri Ke 6 )


57 tahun.jpg
WEEKDAYS WERE NOT HOLIDAYS…..As always Fridays and Saturdays the school is off….but being boarders we had to dhoby our clothes.It started after breakfast.Next on the agenda was cleaning the hostel.All mattereses were brought outdoor in the sun to dry……..clean the lockers etc etc……..we were given drinks after that.Then off to the field to practice marching.We had to march to the mosque for Friday Prayer.After which we took our bath and got ready for lunch.After about half-an-hour rest we must get ready to go marching to the mosque
Our uniform was baju melayu berwarna putih ,with green sampin specially ordered from Kelantan.It was our head prefect Musa Jaffar who ordered it.Many people congratulated the boarders as on par with Gurkha Boys Brigade…….disciplined
After prayers we were free to go loitering the Sungai Petani town,but there was a but…… back home before tea at 4 p.m…… eve games was compulsory…….everybody on the padang……… was really a hard days work
Picture :srengenge and Musa Jaffar ( Head prefect) met after 57 years of seperation

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