Thursday, December 7, 2017


( SIRI KE 7)
I could understand a little of the English language.I began talking broken broken English.We felt proud talking among ourselves.If caught talking in mother language,we had to face ‘the court marshall’.Then we had to do extra duty.The punishment accelerate fast our command in English both oral and written……..writing penance though a nuisance but gave credit to language teaching.
In school I was quiet a famous figure,though only just one term at school . I too didn’t know what made me so . Everybody called me Pak Hitam . Teachers and Headmaster too called me by the name Pak Hitam . Alas ! only then when I left school ,I knew that some of my friends didn’t know my real name. Indian friends also called me Pak Hitam. To them I always asked them , “ Who is blacker ? You or me ? “ . I was naughty and mischievious , then . But I was not caught for being naughty and mischievious . I knew that I should be clever . To all friends and teachers ,I was an innocent boy . All my secret s were kept between me alone. I didn’t want to destroy my personality . Very cunning ,wasn’t it .

Picture : I was selected to play soccer for Sultan House 4th XI………..and we grapsed the championship in Knock-out Tournament……..bravo bravoCHAMP 4TH Xl.jpg

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