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I was a boarder . There were 2 hostel blocks : one was called the ESAM Hostel while the other was a wooden building ( GH) . That building collapsed due to a strong thunderstorm. The hostelites were shifted to the school building (Upstairs). No one was hurt when the building collapsed .
We took our food at the school canteen .The towkey was known as Ah Tat, helped by another 3 workers .One named Pendek , because he was a shorty .The other was Panjang because he was taller. The last man was Ah Hock.The three were best at cooking . At that time the school canteen was well-known throughout Sungai Petani . Most govt. servants came to eat .
The headmaster then was Mr.Augustine and when he retired Mr.Lim Chin Chye took over the post .The Head Hostel Prefect was Musa Jaafar . Others were Indra , Danny Kang , Raja Ahmad Fisol , Ahmad Sobri Ahmad Tajuddin and Oziar Darus .
The Taman Bunga raya was still a big jungle . Used by the Gurkhas to operate jungle warfare .Haji Osman (the father of cikgu Elias now living at 15A ,Taman Bunga Raya ) was the school jaga . His guarters was at the present Teachers Housing complex , adjacent to the school .
When Mr.Lim Chin Chye retired in 1959 , it was Mr.Kok Swee Hong who became the headmaster. Till then there was not a local graduate teacher yet . Only in 1960 Syed Abu Bakar Barakbah a fresh graduate from the university of malaya came to serve . Before that we had Indian graduates namely K.K.Koshy ,Mrs Nayar , V.S.Tupper and Noronhna .
Noranhna was a specialist in hockey . He coached the school team . We had the best hockey team in 1956 . We were the hero of Northen Malaya . M.Doraisamy played for Malaya in the 1956 Olympics in Australia.Later he became Malayan captain .Every year 5 or 6 of the school players were called for the state team selection…………held at KFA padang ,in Alor Setar…..the padang was not fit for hockey………it was suitable for rugby…………we couldn’t show our talent………..the ball was scooped here and then………no drible…….no running with the ball………..a red-indian type of a game.
In cricket we were the best in Kedah/Perlis . All in the school team reperesented Kedah/Perlis combined schools XI ,except one from SAHC .That criketer was also our former player,but he transfered to SAHC.All in all,its all from Ibrahim School. One of our cricket player Mohamad bin Hashim was selected for Malayan Combined Schools Team.They played against the Combined Schools of Singapore and Hongkong.SAM_0908

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