Monday, July 23, 2007


A great shock....tak semena-mena......just couldn't believe .
Believe it or not ? Tiada angin , tiada ribut , pokok pun tak bergoyang .
When told , people just say ," Ala , don't joke uh ! ".
Some said," You come and joke at my buttocks ".
Many said," Rubbish ! ".
Others said," Jangan mai dok temberang kami , nak jadi pak lawak ke ?"
One believer of indian origin uttered," Ayo, ayo , butul ka ?
Many didn't believe , so did me .

He rendered his letter of resignation.
Who was that "He" ? Resignation from what ?

He was no other . He was Pak Tuan Syed Bakar.
Terkejut semua . The truth had come . All the kirkbyites were stunned .

Pak Tuan lost his 2 posts as the headmaster of Sik English School cum as a Pengetua of Sekolah Menengah Sik.

A mourning for the Sik community . The Sik residents were 'sicked' .
Really sicked , for losing a remarkable educationist . Well respected , well honoured . Came from a well-to-do family but dared to mix with the rural folks of Sik , from the most rural spot in Malaya .

He went trice to England . First to Kirkby,second to the University of London and third time to the University of Burmingham.

Beberapa ketika selepas itu Pak Tuan di jemput kembali bertugas . Itu pun selepas beberapa kali di pujuk dan di desak oleh beberapa kawan lama yang berada di Pejabat Pendidikan ( Pelajaran ) di masa itu. Pak Tuan di tempatkan di Sekolah Sultan Abdul Halim ( Jenan), Jitra.

Semasa di Jenan saya dan saudara Azmi Kassim menziarahi Pak Tuan . His class was extraordinary , compared to schools in the early 60's . The desks were arranged as a round-table . He stood in the middle. His students were around 16 in number . The selected mischievious lots . Pak Tuan as remembered was our 'Malaysian Sidney Poiter' in the film To Sir With Love .

Intan kalau jatuh di dalam lumpur pun tetap intan .

Lately I got a bad news .His wife passed-away of breast canser.(AL-Fatihah)
Then all of a sudden , I read from the Star dated 16th of May,2006 ( It was a Teachers Day ) ,
Pak Tuan was re-united after 50 years with cikgu Siti Rohani Ismail . She is his former Kirkbyite girl-friend. SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU.

I visited recently the Institut Perguruan Sultan Abdul Halim, Sungai Petani . Pak Tuan was once a lecturer there. Many of his lecturer-friends are stiil there. They told me a very good joke about Pak Tuan. I was told like this : Pak Tuan applied to do PhD at USM. The candidates were called for an interview . When his turn came his name was called out . He went in . Before he sat down on the cushion meant for the candidate , one from the team of interviewers uttered to Pak Tuan ," Suruh anak Pak Chik masuk , Pak Chik sila tunggu di luar".
Pak Tuan answered," Bukan anak saya , saya-lah Syed Abu Bakar , saya yang nak mengaji ".
Since then he was the oldest doing PhD at USM .

I doubt whether he had finished his PhD . Later I will address him as "Doc".

My regards to you Doc .

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